The health and safety of our children, families, employees and partners is at the centre of our planning for in-person services. Our approach is guided by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer, the Ministry of Health, Public Health Ontario, Oak Valley Health and the Region of York.  Prior to attending any in-person appointment, please complete a COVID-19 Screen for both you and your child.

If you answer yes to any of the COVID-19 screening questions, for either you or your child, please contact your screener/therapist and reschedule your child’s appointment.   If you or your child are experiencing any other illness or contagious infection (e.g. cold, flu, pink eye etc.) we ask that you contact your therapist to reschedule your appointment.

WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that, at this time, infants born in the Tri-Region area are able to access a newborn hearing screen through the Infant Hearing Program (IHP) before two months of age. Newborn hearing screening in our area is offered in some hospitals (based on location/availability and hours of birth) and at several community clinic locations.  

Infants up to two months of age (corrected) are eligible to receive a hearing screen at one of our community clinics if they:

  • Are a permanent resident of Ontario and
  • Did not receive a hearing screen at birth in the hospital, or
  • Received a refer result on the hospital screen, and have no risk factors for hearing loss.

For quickest service, book your infant’s newborn hearing screen online by clicking the link provided below. To book by phone or for more information, please call us at 1-888-703-5437 x4.

Newborn Hearing Screen Eligibility and Booking