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If in doubt, check it out. We encourage all families to get in touch with Child Development Programs if they have any concerns with their child’s communication, hearing and/or vision skills or milestones.

Child Development Programs provides a variety of services and strategies to help maximize the communication, hearing and vision potential of infants and young children.

Child Development Programs believes in partnering with families to help ensure children have the support and resources they need and creating a community to connect children and families with one another.

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Markham Stouffville Hospital Child Development Programs

Markham Stouffville Hospital – Child Development Programs (CDP) offers services to children from birth to kindergarten in three programs:

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12:51 PM Jul 22nd

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12:46 PM Jul 22nd

It's Fun-day Friday! Playdates have gotten much more complicated today than they were when we were children. Artist and parent Brian Gordon shares h...

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Some of the truest words I've ever read: "I think the hardest part of having a child with a delay of any kind is the fight: The fight for services. Th...

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