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Communication Tips for Parents of Children with ASD

Try following strategies from The Hanen Centre for children who haven’t started talking yet or who have started to say a few words to ask for what they want (e.g., “Milk” or “Mommy, up!”) (Tags: Autism, ASD, social communication, diagnosis)

Baby Navigator

Parents can learn about children’s social communication development by following them from birth to 24 months on these social communication growth charts

16 by 16 Months

The 16×16 ™ series helps families and professionals to learn about the essential social communication skills that children should reach by 16 months of age. These skills are key in laying the foundation to the milestones typically achieved by 24 months when it comes to communication, literacy, play, and social skills. The series currently contains lookbooks illustrating 16 Gestures by 16 Months and 16 Actions with Objects by 16 months.

Autism Navigator – ASD Video Glossary

The ASD Video Glossary includes more than 100 side-by-side videos to help families and professionals learn more about the early signs of autism. Registration is needed to view these videos, but they are free of charge.

York Region Autism Ontario

The York Region Autism Ontario Chapter offers a variety of programs and events for Autistic individuals and their families, provides information to the community, and supports families with service navigation.

Visual Supports Social Narratives and Resources

Providing parents with a variety of strategies and tips for creating and using visual supports across their child’s day.