Resources / Speech & Language / Language

Resources in this section are about your child’s ability to understand language and express his/her wants, needs, ideas and feelings in a variety of ways.

A Parent’s Guide for Increasing Your Child’s Vocabulary

Why work on your child’s vocabulary.
How to teach your child new words.
Things to consider about learning new words.

Activities to Help your Child Learn more Words

Teaching vocabulary in daily routines and according to themes.
Activity ideas.

Activities to Promote Speech and Language Development-Games and Everyday Ideas

Activities, ideas and games for supporting speech and language development.

Help Your Child Use Longer Sentences (Expanding)

Strategies to help your child use longer sentences.
Expand strategy.

My Child Has Trouble Understanding – A Receptive Language Disorder

What is a receptive language disorder?
What is understanding?
Warning signs that your child may have trouble understanding.

My Child Has Trouble Understanding – Things You Can Work on at Home

How to work on improving your child’s ability to understand language.
Good listening skills.Sugge

VIDEO: Expressive and Receptive Language

A communication assessment explores many areas of a child’s development. In this clip, Loan, Speech-Language Pathologist, will explain what is meant by ‘expressive’ and ‘receptive’ language skills.