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Resources in the section are about your child’s ability to pronounce speech sounds and coordinate their speech movements in order for others to understand what they are saying.

Articulation Developmental Norms

Articulation Developmental Norms
Outlines what speech sounds typically develop at various ages as well as when treatment would be necessary/appropriate

How Children Learn To Talk Clearly

Speech Sound Disorders
An overview of how children learn to speak clearly, identifying if your child has a speech delay and when to seek professional help

Making Speech Sounds more obvious to your Child

Making Speech Sounds More Obvious for Your Child
Parents and caregivers can also have an important role when helping their children with their articulation. The following are some general strategies that can be modeled throughout the day and during daily routines to help highlight the sounds or words your child may be having difficulty with.

Why do Articulation Errors Occur

Asks the question, Why do Articulation Errors Occur? While there is sometimes no known reason, several possibilities are identified

VIDEO: Speech Sound Delays and Disorders

Is your child’s speech difficult to understand? In this clip, Natalie will tell you about the different types of speech sound disorders and delays that may impact the clarity of a child’s speech. A Speech-Language Pathologist can assess the types of errors your child is making, and suggest an intervention plan to help! If you live in York Region and are concerned with the clarity of your preschooler’s speech, please call 1-888-703 KIDS (5437) to make a referral to the York Region Preschool Speech and Language Program.