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Here you will find resources to help your child communicate and connect with others through greetings, taking turns, play and sharing their interests.

Playing People Games

People games are simple, repetitive routines that require at least two people, but no toys (think Peekaboo, chase, and tickle games). Create more opportunities for your child to interact by playing people games, using these suggestions from the Hanen Centre. (tags: social communication, autism, ASD)

Typical Social Communication Development

Here are some of the early milestones you can expect in a child’s social communication development.

VIDEO: Seema and Jamie – Play and Communication

Cars, peek-a-boo and tea sets! Kids love to play. In this clip, Seema and Jamie will tell you a little bit about why play has such an important role in our assessments and therapy programs. To learn more about play, please explore our e-learning program, ‘The Power of Play’; to make a referral to the York Region Preschool Speech and Language Program, please call 1-877-703-KIDS (5437).

VIDEO: What is Social Communication?

Take a trip to the local coffee shop with Lanni, who will introduce you to the world of social communication. Whether we use pictures, signs, written, or spoken words, social communication is the constant in our interactions, and plays an important role in how we build relationships. If you live in York Region are concerned with your toddler or preschooler’s social communication, please call 1-888-703 KIDS (5437) to make a referral to the York Region Preschool Speech and Language Program.