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Arianna’s Story

The York Region Preschool Speech and Language Program (YRPSLP) began seeing my daughter at the age of 3 when she had difficulties in articulation (the way she said the different sounds in her words). Shortly thereafter, when her therapy had ended she had made great gains in her articulation and in talking vocabulary. We were so happy with her great progress in such a short time.

Then suddenly while she was at home in the summer months, we began to notice her stutter. This caused her to be frustrated and at times she was discouraged to talk. The Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) at YRPSLP recommended our family to attend “Family Focused Stuttering Therapy”. It is an intervention program that includes parent-only group sessions and individual parent-child consultations. This therapy had an invaluable impact on our daughter and family.

During this group therapy I was able to share my concerns with fellow parents and the SLP and learn techniques that would help my daughter. The parent-child sessions allowed me to practice the strategies and techniques learned directly with my child. It was an amazing process from beginning to end.

The York Region Preschool Speech and Language Program SLP’s treated our family with great care and respect. I can honestly say that my daughter enjoyed going to therapy and that says a lot! The program itself works if you believe in it and are committed to following through the strategies during therapy sessions, and at home.

YRPSLP has given her back her confidence and it has been over 5 months that we have not heard her stutter. It is an amazing program and we thank you for being so organized and professional. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your guidance and support. We strongly believe in and recommend the YRPSLP. We wish all children who experience speech difficulties continued success.

Arianna and The Aletto Family