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VIDEO: Does Your Preschooler Stutter? (Part 1 of 2)

Are you concerned that your child might be stuttering? In this introductory video, Marlene describes different types of stuttering behaviour and also talks about when it develops and when to seek help. This is part 1 of a 2-part series.

If you live in York Region and are concerned that your child is stuttering, please call 1-888-703-KIDS (5437) to make a referral.

  1. What is Stuttering? The forward flow of speech is disrupted by:
    1. Repetitions
    2. Prolongations
    3. Blocks
  2. Sound and Syllable Repetitions
  3. Prolongations or Stretching out sounds
  4. Block or being stuck and not able to get the word out
  5. When does Stuttering Start?
    1. The child goes through a language spurt
    2. The child starts connecting words
    3. It can start gradually
    4. It can start suddenly
  6. Some children are unaware of stuttering.
  7. Some children become aware of their stuttering may:
    1. Show signs of distress
    2. Child says “I can’t get words out”
    3. Tense, struggle and push or force out the words
    4. Avoid speaking
    5. Avoids saying words
  8. Seek out immediate help if child shows signs of Tension or Awareness
  9. Stuttering can be cyclical or “comes and goes”
  10. Stuttering can be variable or wax and wane. It can rang from severe to absent in a short period of time.
  11. Many strategies to help children who stutter – see video #2
  12. 7 Tips for talking to the child who stutters – see speech and language resources tab